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customer lakewood, February 01, 2011

I couldn't get out of my garage. Glen was here in 4 hours after my call and replaced torsion spring and rollers -- the coldest day of the year. Very positive experience.

Customer Lakewood, december 14, 2010

A broken spring needed to be replaced on my garage door.

The same day I called for help, Glenn came out around 5 pm and replaced both springs on my garage door. He had the repair done in about an hour. Now it operates fine (for a really old door) and is also considerably more quiet. Overall, the experience went very well.

Customer Denver, November 27, 2010

Kirby's Door Service replaced my garage door and put in the garage door opener last month. They were wonderful. They responded quickly and they had everything we needed in stock. They did the job quickly and cleaned up after themselves

Customer Arvada, November 13, 2010

Installed new rollers on garage door and replaced some missing screws Caled and got appt for next day. Showed up on time and was through in an hour. price as quoted. SMOOTH transaction. I would highly reccomend

Customer Denver, November 02, 2010

Replaced our garage door opener and adjusted the garage door. Very happy with Kirby. GREAT!!

Customer wheat ridge, october 23, 2010

Our old wood garage door was creaky and the opener sometimes didn't work well, especially in cold weather. We arranged for Kirby to install a new metal door and opener. The two men came when expected, 
did the work, cleaned up very well and took away the old stuff. It took them from about 10:30 a.m. until 2:00p.m. They did a good job and were pleasant and professional. It went well.

Customer Arvada, september 02, 2010

I called the company because my garage door was having trouble running on the rails and would stop halfway up or down sometimes. I was told over the phone that it was possible that I would need a new gear kit (a few hundred dollars), but he wouldn't know for sure until he was out here. I was given an appointment within 2 days of my call. I needed to reschedule that appointment and was given a time that was the same day as the original appointment, just later in the day. It was very easy to reschedule. The technician came out and took one look at the garage door running and diagnosed it. He serviced the door and charged me the minimum price for a service call. He told me why the door was sticking and stopping, why the other garage door wasn't having the same problem (even though they are the same age) and how to take care of this problem in the future so I could handle it myself next time (if I wanted to do so). I was very impressed that he gave me all this information and did not try to convince me to use his services for this issue in the future, even though he could have done so. I received professional service over the phone and in person. I will definitely call again for any garage door services in the future.

Customer golden, august 17, 2010

I have a 18 foot wide,30 year old, very heavy (cedar covered) garage door. Because of its size, age and weight, it was needing an adjustment every couple years. Kirby came up with a solution with heavy duty hardware that should last for many years. The work was performed without incident.

customer lakewood, august 6, 2010

The garage door remotes were not working for the new house I had just purchased. I called to make arrangements for a service call. However, when I described the problem he told me I could probably fix it myself. He told me what to do and voila it worked. Could have quite easily have made the house call and charged me for it, but instead he was honest and ethical and provided customer service instead. Has earned my business. I'm planning on eventually getting a new panel for the garage door that has windows in it. After my experience today, Kirby's will be the first place I call.

customer golden, may 6, 2010

Kirby's replaced a garage door opener. Other opener had jammed and broken. I was very pleased with the responsiveness of Kirby's. My door was stuck open with no way t could even manually move it. So that afternoon someone came and got the door closed and diagnosed the situation. The next afternoon a new opener was installed and a previous problem (that wore down the old opener) was remedied. I have used with this company for 10 years. They are always responsive and reasonable. Using Kirby's-----it's a peace of mind thing

Customer February 02, 2010

Our coil springs on our 2-car garage snapped and we were unable to pull our car into our garage. Kirby showed up that afternoon to replace our springs.

Kirby did a great job and was very responsive to our need. A fantastic company. If I ever need a door replaced I will definitely use them. 

Very Impressed Mar.2-2009

I got Kirby's # from my brother who had a conversion done on his garage and after listening and watching how GREAT his door worked I called Kirby's and they came out and gave me a price which was WAY under the other 5 estimates I got ($600-$1200). When Derek went to work on my garage he went WAY above and beyond what anyone else would have. He did a great job on my conversion and then fixed my trim and the wiring which was done poorly on the initial install from a Lowe's contractor. I will definitely refer them to ANYONE I know who needs help with their garage door. Thanks again Derek and Kirby's Garage Door Service!! 
Pros:Hard working and didn't take any "short-cuts". Treated my garage door as if it was his own and did an amazing job. I am truly impressed and think this family opporated company is "HIGH-CLASS" when it comes to doing a great job and taking pride in their work! They back their work with a warranty other places wouldn't! THANKS!

Sep 3, 2009

The BEST - use this company!!
Last night a spring broke on our garage - and since it was after hours I set about leaving messages - and actually spoke to a live person at Kirby who arranged for the repair the next morning! The repairman even showed up on time. Highly professional, 100% positive experience. 
Pros:Timely, cost efficient, professional, accepted credit cards, courteous, and very knowledgeable. 

Dec. 2, 2009

Highly Recommend
We needed a new garage door opener. After calling around, Kirby's was by far the lowest price I found ($100-200 lower). Installation was on-time, professional and I would highly recommend Kirby's to anyone ! 
Pros:Professional, courteous, timely, excellent prices.

Report Date: November 12, 2009

I thought I had a serious problem with my garage door. When I called and described it, he told me how to fix it myself in 5 minutes at no charge. Terrific Service. He could have come and done it and charged me, but didn't. Hooray!
Member Comments: 
Terrific - problem solved at no cost.

-Customer Oct. 27, 2009

When I'd finally had enough of the squeaking, klunking and 'fingernails on a chalkboard' noises my garage door was making, I called Kirby's Door Service. Derek came out within 2 days and performed magic. He happily realigned one of the door panels that had been bumped off the track (I think due to a new teenage driver in the family). My garage doors are no longer waking the neighbors and scaring small children.

Customer  July 30, 2009

I called and they had someone come out 3 days later to give me an estimate and recommendation. the installer came out several days after that, completed the work in the time they said they would and at the price i was given at time of estimate. both individuals were very professional.

Customer June 3, 2009

She couldn't get the sensors to work and so the door kept popping up. After complete ruining it with her DIY techniques (!!), the door wouldn't open or close at all. Kirby's was listed first, had great ratings and she called them first. They sent someone out two days later. The young guy did a great job, fixed it, and charged her only for the basic service call. 20 minutes and she was back in business. She said she wished every problem was solved so quickly and easily (and cheaply).

Customer May 29, 2009

Glenn came the same day I called and wrote up an estimate. We had to clear out the space and as soon as that was done Kirby Doors was ready to go. Glen and his son Derrick evaluated what supplies they needed to modify the space and went to work. By the end of the day we had a great door in place. They cleaned everything up and showed us how it worked. A very satisfying transaction!

Customer Dec. 28, 2008

My first call to Kirby's was a real pleasure. They were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and totally honest about my options... whether to repair or replace my garage door opener. After calling other companies and internet searching, I called Kirby's to replace my door opener. They were by far the least expensive and most knowledgeable folks I talked to. They came out one day after the original appointment because of the extremely low temperatures. They did call prior to the appointment and we set up a new time. They arrived on schedule, and the work was completed in a timely fashion. They removed all of my old equipment and all of their excess materials. Overall, one of the most pleasant and satisfying buying experiences...

Date: 7/27/08

Thanks, Lindsay.

After interviewing several companies, I feel most comfortable with you..

Just so you know, your total price for the insulated door came in at about the same price as the Colorado Garage Door Services price for the uninsulated door and LESS THAN the Doors Done Right price for the uninsulated door.

The main factors in my decision were (in order):

  1. Price
  2. Your Honesty - Nobody else suggested that I could do the framing myself, they wanted me to pay about $100-$150 extra for it.
  3. Your Expertise - Nobody else mentioned weather stripping or re-configuring the back hangers to better support the door.


Date: 9/5/08

Name:: Chris

Date:: 9/5/08

Work Completed:: Installation of new garage door.

Response:: Thank you so much for your friendly service Derek and Lindsay showed up and had the door installed within two hours of their arrival and were very friendly and polite. Thanks again.

Hi Glen,

My husband and I really appreciate the quality service your company provided. The door works great and the tech was very helpful and friendly! We’ll definitely be keeping you in mind in the future.

Thanks, Jennifer

Customer 3/18/2008

The springs and all the rollers were replaced and it was quick and painless. I was very impressed.

 I didn't know these guys were on the Martino's referral list. I normally avoid this list because most of them are so pricey. But this one was a pleasant surprise. Thank You!

How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? lower than estimate.

Customer 3/12/2008

The big spring on our old door broke. Couldn't open the door at all, so couldn't get the car out of the garage. I found the reference to this and other companies in Angie's List online. Kirby's looked good, so I called and they come over very quickly to apply a temporary fix to the spring so we could open and close the door. We discussed replacing all the old door equipment, and Mullen left info on doors and door openers for us to think about. We decided, made an appointment for installation of a new door, and they came back in just a couple of days, installed the new equipment. Service was very quick, very professional, and finished job looks good, works well -- all very satisfactory. We have quality equipment and we got quality service and workmanship.

Hi Glen

My garage door broke last week and my car was inside, leaving me stranded.  I called your company around 8:30 in the morning and the door was repaired before 12:00 the same day.  The young man who came out to fix the door was knowledgeable, courteous and worked very fast.

Thank you for your excellent service, I appreciate it. Kandace

6/12/2007 Yahoo Local

Very friendly and timely: I moved into a pre-owned home and the inspection revealed problems with the garage door springs. Kirby came within a few days and made the proper adjustments and provided a remote keyless entry pad at a decent price. I referred them to my brother who had two garage door openers installed with no problems.